Perhaps nothing inspires inventors more than inefficiency. For retired businessman Henry Bessinger, it was the inefficiency of a traditional garden trimming tool that lead him to develop his invention, the Weed Thrasher.

“The normal head on my weed trimmer would jam up all the time,” Bessinger explained. “It was to the point where I spent more time fixing it than I actually spent working in my garden.”

Years ago, Bessinger came up with the idea for an all-metal accessory with cutters to replace the nylon line in the head of a weed trimmer. The accessory could fit easily onto most gas-powered trimmers, and would virtually eliminate jamming. Bessinger obtained a patent and developed the Weed Thrasher™ into a finished product.

Bessinger contracted with InventHelp for submission to industry services. “From the start, the company has been really helpful and supportive” said Bessinger.

InventHelp prepared materials outlining the Weed Thrasher’s important features and benefits, and submitted the invention to companies. Several companies inquired about Bessinger’s invention, but initially no agreements were reached.

InventHelp exhibits at trade shows to obtain registrations for it’s Data Bank. While attending the National Hardware Show, Intromark Licensing Executive Ronny Smith met Ken Strong, President of CRT Products, a company which specializes in “As Seen On TV” infomercials. Intromark agreed to send CRT patented inventions for review, including the Weed Thrasher.

“It got an immediate response from them,” Smith said. “They expressed interest in licensing the rights to distribute it nationally.”

Intromark handled negotiations between Bessinger and CRT Products. A licensing agreement was finalized and CRT created an infomercial featuring the Weed Thrasher, which aired on cable television.

The infomercial yielded a good response and CRT Products continued placing it on television. Some of the channels included ESPN, CNN and The Weather Channel. Infomercial sales grew steadily and, eventually, retailers such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot sold the Weed Thrasher in their stores.

We are pleased to report that InventHelp’s services have resulted in a financial gain for Mr. Bessinger.