Marcel Villeneuve’s toilet seat just wouldn’t stay up. He found it difficult to keep the seat up while using the restroom or cleaning the toilet and the thought of touching the toilet every time was a hygienic concern. So, Marcel put on his thinking cap, called InventHelp, and invented the Toilet Seat Holder, originally called The Third Hand.

The Toilet Seat Holder is a plastic clip that attaches to the toilet tank and rotates over an upright seat to securely hold the seat in position. To release the seat, simply rotate the hook away from the seat. The Toilet Seat Holder makes cleaning a toilet bowl easier, prevents messy accidents, and assists men while using the restroom.

InventHelp was able to help Mr. Villeneuve receive a patent for his product. The inventor provided InventHelp with inventory of his product and the Toilet Seat Holder is available on the InventHelp Store. It is currently the best-selling product on the website. It is also available for purchase on Amazon.

“It was very shocking to me how many people have problems with their toilet seats falling down,” said InventHelp’s Intromark Managing Director Ronny Smith. “The high amount of sales from this InventHelp product have proven that people are looking for an easy, economic way to make their toilet seat work without having to buy a new one.”

This inventor has not made a financial gain with his invention.