When the check comes at a restaurant, do you find it difficult to split the bill and calculate the tip with a dinner party? InventHelp client and INPEX exhibitor, Connie Inukai, invented something that would make your night out a lot easier.

Inukai’s product was featured on QVC this August 2015 in which “Tip ‘N Split” was demonstrated; showcasing the features of the product. In just 5 minutes, 800 were sold.

Furthermore, Inukai exhibited at InventHelp’s INPEX 2013 and 2014. The “Tip ‘N Split” won a gold medal in the Gadgets category in 2014.

The “Tip ‘N Split” helps patrons to read the menu and bill easily, while also calculating tips or split for each member of a dinner group. This product is ideal for visually-challenged individuals who have difficulty reading a menu or bill in a dimly-lit restaurant. The pocket-sized device is easy to carry and features a compact and lightweight design. According to Connie, the device is easier to use than a cell phone app because it combines a magnifier with a calculating feature.

Innovative features of the “Tip ‘N Split” include a 2x5t, crystal clear magnifying lens, with a built-in LED light. The light makes it easy to read the menu or bill without distracting other patrons in the restaurant. When the bill comes the built-in calculating feature helps to easily calculate tips or split the bill evenly if the group wants to pay separately. The invention fits perfectly in a pocket or purse and is super lightweight. A company logo can be printed, stamped, or embossed on the back of the device, as well.

The invention was designed because of Inukai’s own needs. “When I go out to eat, I can never read the bill or menu,” said Inukai. “The writing is too small and the restaurant is often too dark. Most of my friends have the same problem. We pass around reading glasses or look for a candle.”