InventHelp – Intromark is pleased to announce that the Pike’s Buck Tail Hair Trimmer is now available for purchase on as the “TyWheel Trimmer.” TyWheel sells fly fishing and fly tying gear and is considered an innovator in the industry because of their commitment to fly fishing as both an art and a science.

Richard Pike, Auburn, Alabama resident and inventor of the fly fishing tool, was inspired to create this product when he was repeatedly injured preparing fly fishing lures. “I normally use a razor blade to trim the buck tail hair on fishing flies. I find that even a slight slip means slicing open a finger,” said Richard. “To avoid such cuts and injuries, I came up with a safer, more efficient way to trim the hair on the fly.”

The TyWheel Trimmer allows the user a more innovative way to trim/cut materials during the tying process of fly fishing. It features blade precision, giving the ability to hold a set curvature during the cutting process, which helps the user generate a more symmetrical group of flies. It also features blade security, which holds the blade securely in place, preventing the risk of the blade ejecting from the handle and keeping the blade away from your fingertips. The TyWheel Trimmer can help fly fishers have a more safe and convenient way of preparing their materials.

Intromark received Mr. Pike’s request to send his invention brochure to TyWheel. TyWheel is a manufacturer of hand tools for use in tying artificial fishing flies and fly fishing accessories. Intromark sent Tyler Pettigrew, Owner of TyWheel, an InventHelp Data Bank registration form. Upon receiving the signed Data Bank registration form, Intromark sent Mr. Pike’s invention brochure to Mr. Pettigrew. He reviewed the documents and was eager to test a 3D model of the prototype made by Intromark prototype developers. After finding the prototype model to be functional and efficient, Mr. Pettigrew was eager to get the rights to the invention. Intromark assisted Mr. Pike and TyWheel representatives in negotiating an exclusive licensing agreement and all parties were pleased with the result.

“Richard Pike wanted TyWheel to see his invention because he thought his product would be a good fit for their company,” said Ronny Smith, Managing Director of InventHelp’s Intromark. “We contacted the company at the inventor’s request and got his prototype for TyWheel to review. We worked with the company and the client to come to an agreement for everyone.”

This inventor has not made a financial gain with his invention.

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