Muscle Cramp 911® was invented by a compound pharmacist in eastern Pennsylvania in the late 1990’s but wasn’t brought to the national market until years later. It targets the treatment and prevention of muscle cramps and spasms related to exertion and muscle fatigue. The homeopathic lotion provides rapid relief for muscle cramps in as little as 15 to 30 seconds at the onset of the cramp, and can be used to prevent cramps for up to four hours of strenuous activity.

Developed by InventHelp client, Keith Del Prete, he dispensed the non-menthol based lotion to the customers in his pharmacy and kept the idea of marketing it in the back of his mind.  He knew it worked from customer feedback and from his family. In many cases, relief can come within a minute.

Del Prete became an InventHelp client in 2013. Intromark Incorporated, InventHelp’s sister licensing company, then licensed Muscle Cramp 911 to Meltzer Media, a New York-based Direct Response Production Company.

The product features new packaging which boasts the IRONMAN® endorsement, and AS SEEN ON TV logo. Del Prete’s product is available for purchase on the IRONMAN website. It is also for sale on Dick’s Sporting Goods online and in stores as a test run.

Based on this license, the client has received more monies than they paid for our services.