Years ago, Canadian inventor Peter Bryant’s inspiration came from what he saw as a problem: the backbreaking labor of raking, bagging and disposing of grass clippings after mowing the lawn. Mr. Bryant, set out to invent something that would eliminate as many of those steps as possible by having the lawnmower do it all for you.

Mr. Bryant experimented with blade and blade-attachment designs for walk-behind lawnmowers. He wanted to create a lawnmower blade that would cut the grass into a fine mulch and re-deposit it into the lawn. It took Bryant eight tries to come up with a modified blade that cut, mulched and passed all his safety tests. He called it the Macho Mulcher.

Bryant contacted our company and purchased our submission services. Robert Glorioso, owner of R.J. Glorioso and Associates, reviewed and expressed substantial interest in the Macho Mulcher. R.J Glorioso’s business represented manufacturers for large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and distributor-based companies in the lawn and garden industry. Intromark assists inventors and entrepreneurs in their attempts to license new products and inventions once substantial interest has been expressed in a particular idea by a company.

Subsiquently, Glorioso, Intromark and Bryant executed a license for Glorioso to represent the product to companies in the lawn and garden industry. Glorioso changed the name from Macho Mulcher to Grassmaster™. That same year, our publicity efforts resulted in media coverage for The Grassmaster in several trade publications includingGarden Supply RetailerHardware AgeNursery Manager and Waste Age.

Arnold Corporation, a manufacturer of lawn and garden supplies, agreed to license the product through Glorioso and Intromark. Arnold Corporation renamed the invention again to “Maxi-Edge™” and made it a basic item in their line of lawn care products.

MTD Products, Inc., later acquired Arnold Corporation. According to MTD’s website (, “MTD is a leading global manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, producing equipment for both residential and commercial markets.” MTD retained Arnold’s license agreement and the Maxi-Edge Mulching blade.

We are pleased to report that InventHelp’s services have resulted in a financial gain for Mr. Bryant.