InventHelp® announces the license of an InventHelp client’s invention, The Lenart Trim/Molding Puller, to Partsmaster™.

Partsmaster has been providing products and solutions to service the maintenance, repair and operations industry for more than 40 years. A division of NCH Corporation, they help solve problems and reduce the cost of ownership for their customers.

The Lenart Trim/Molding Puller reduces the time required to remove trim and molding from walls and windows. The inventor, a design engineer, was inspired by his own personal experience. “I was working on my house, replacing the trim and molding, and I found that using chisels and pry bars was too difficult and time-consuming,” he said. “I set out to design a tool to make the job easier; a tool that does the work for me.”

Domenic Liberto, a Licensing Executive for Intromark Incorporated, InventHelp’s sister licensing company, met with a representative from Partsmaster and presented The Lenart Trim/Molding Puller at InventHelp’s INPEX trade show in June 2013. After INPEX, Partsmaster let Liberto know that they were interested in testing the prototype and potentially licensing the invention. After some negotiations between Partsmaster and Intromark, a license agreement was executed.

Now part of the Zenith Industries product line (a division of Partsmaster), the Zenith Trim Puller is now available for purchase on the Home Depot website.

This inventor has made a financial gain with his invention.