Since the first prototype of the computer mouse was designed in 1964 by Douglas C. Engelbart, it was only a matter of time and ingenuity before humans would cut the cord and invent a wireless mouse.

Meet the award-winning* Digitz® EZmouse.

This mouse is better for the environment and economical. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts about six weeks.  In addition, there is no lost wireless connection while working or charging. A user would simply insert the bottom portion of the mouse into the computer’s USB port to recharge while continuing to use the mouse. This is made possible due to a built-in backup power source that will keep it running for up to three days.

Key innovations include:

  • Easy to charge via USB port (approximately 2 hours)
  • Built in power backup so you can continue working while charging
  • Low Power LED indicator alerts you when USB-battery needs to be charged
  • Wireless nano-receiver conveniently stored inside the EZmouse while traveling
  • Works Plug & Play for Windows and Mac, no software needed
  • Great for right and left handed users
  • You can even have the Digitz EZmouse device customized with personalized artwork

*The patented EZmouse has won numerous awards, including two gold medals at INPEX, America’s largest invention show, and a Golden Award at iENA, Germany’s largest invention show.