An InventHelp client’s invention, Collide O’Cubes, has been licensed by Ceaco, Inc., and is for sale on the company’s website.

Collide O’Cubes is a challenging puzzle designed to stimulate logical thought as the user assembles and manipulates it through various challenges and color patterns. The inventor’s personal experience provided the inspiration for his idea. “I was conducting a puzzle club at a local middle school and wanted to come up with new puzzles to stimulate and motivate the students,” he said.

Ceaco, Inc., a Massachusetts-based company focused on providing high-quality puzzles and games to children and adults, expressed interest in the puzzle after receiving an invention brochure from InventHelp. Working with Licensing Executive Justine Mayowski, the client chose to create a prototype and instructional video, which further interested Ceaco. Following six months of testing and review, Ceaco announced interest in licensing the product. Ceaco has since manufactured the game and is featuring it on its website. Those interested in purchasing Collide O’Cubes may visit

In February 2014, Ceaco took Collide O’Cubes to Toy Fair, a large industry trade show in New York City, where they hoped to interest other retailers in the product. Says Mayowski, “We were very excited to see Collide O’Cubes at Toy Fair and hope this is the beginning of a long and beneficial relationship with Ceaco.”

This inventor has not made a financial gain with their invention.