When QVC hit the airwaves in 1986, the idea of shopping at home through a TV set was a revolutionary one. Today, the home shopping industry – with networks such as QVC and the Home Shopping Network (HSN) – has become a powerful medium for selling everything from diamond jewelry to power tools.

Half Time Drill Driver – Aired on HSN, December 2011

Half Time Drill Drive

The Half Time Drill Driver is a power tool attachment that enables the user to quickly switch from a drill to a screwdriver, without having to change bits. The invention was licensed by a well-known direct response television company and aired on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) in December 2011. Read the full Half Time Drill Driver invention story. This InventHelp client has made a financial gain.

Protection Plus- Aired on QVC, April 2010

Protection Plus Invention

An InventHelp client invention, the Protection Plus, a door-locking mechanism that prevents someone from being able to break-in through a sliding door, appeared on QVC in April 2010.

InventHelp clients Allen and Sharon Prewett were excited that veteran “pitchwoman” Robin Hartl presented the product on-air. Hartl is probably best known for her role as co-host of the popular, nationally recognized home-improvement television show Hometime, which she co-hosted for twelve years.

According to the Prewetts, working with InventHelp has helped them get their product onto QVC. “We are very happy with the people we have worked with at InventHelp. They knew how to guide novices like us.” This InventHelp client has made a financial gain.

Ergonomic Seat Cushion – Aired on QVC, January 2009

Ergonomic Seat Cushion Invention

California InventHelp client, Dr. Eric Liners, has been a chiropractor for twenty years. During that time, he started to think of ideas that could protect the spine and elevate pressure on the tail bone for those who have to sit for long periods of time. He developed the Ergonomic Seat Cushion to do just that; transfer the pressure away from the pelvic bone while sitting.

Not knowing how to move forward with his invention, Liners visited an InventHelp regional sales office in California and decided to become an InventHelp client. It was through this relationship with our company that his idea was presented to QVC. With QVC showing interest and placing an initial purchase order, Intromark Incorporated, InventHelp’s licensing division, set up manufacturing for the invention in China.

After the product was manufactured, the Ergonomic Seat Cushion aired on QVC in January 2009. The network was happy with its performance and placed a second, larger purchase order for the product, which re-aired on an additional segment later in the same year. This InventHelp client has made a financial gain.

Absorb Ease – Aired on QVC, 2008

AbsorbEase Invention

InventHelp client Gary Allen’s invention, the Absorb Ease, was also accepted by QVC and aired several times in 2008. The product itself consists of a piece of material that is placed into a pan during or after cooking to absorb excess grease. Allen was inspired to invent by a common household problem – in this case, what to do with used cooking grease. Since pouring it down the drain causes plumbing problems and outdoor disposal is not environmentally friendly, Allen came up with Absorb Ease as a convenient solution. This InventHelp client has made a financial gain.

SideSleeper Pro™ – Aired on QVC, 2008

Side Sleeper Pro

An InventHelp client, who works as a doctor of chiropractic, designed the SideSleeper Pro so that people would be trained to sleep in the best position possible in order to avoid twisting the neck and spine while sleeping. The invention was licensed by a well known “As Seen on TV” company and aired on QVC multiple times in 2008. Read the full SideSleeper Pro invention story. This InventHelp client has made a financial gain.

Towel Butler – Aired on QVC, May 2007

Over the Door Towel Holder Invention

After Joe Simonsen became an InventHelp client, his invention, the Towel Butler, was presented to QVC and the network showed interest in airing it. The Towel Butler invention offers a convenient storage solution for your towels anywhere in the house – it attaches easily to cabinet doors, shelves, ledges and other areas. Eventually, Simonsen’s towel holder aired in May 2007 on the QVC program “Problem Solvers,” which offers viewers products to make everyday life easier. This InventHelp client has made a financial gain.

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