InventHelp clients, Steve and Jeff Rehkemper, had the opportunity to have their invention featured on a televised infomercial. The inventors had patented a toothbrush invention called the AquaSonic, which combines the cleansing process of a toothbrush, with a water jet and floss.

A company in the InventHelpĀ® Data Bank that had marketed 2009’s most successful direct response television product expressed substantial interest in the toothbrush and had a desire to develop an infomercial around it. An advance was paid to the inventors. The interested company created a short script and produced a two-minute spot, and also renamed the product, the Brush ‘N Spray. The Brush ‘N Spray made its official television debut on December 2, 2009 and was tested in different markets all over the United States for two weeks. Click below to watch the infomercial!

Although the product did not produce high enough sales for the company to commit to a large-scale campaign, InventHelp attempted to submit the product to other toothbrush and dental companies.

Intromark licensing executive Ronny Smith said this is an example of how InventHelp services might work for the client. “Even if we get the product to leading companies, in the end, the consumer ultimately decides if a product is going to succeed.”

We are pleased to report that InventHelp’s services have resulted in a financial gain for Steve and Jeff Rehkemper.