When widower Paul Donnelly lost his wife he became more conscious of his appearance and began to notice spider veins on different parts of his body. After he tried existing products and didn’t see results, his goal was to create a product of his own to diminish the appearance of spider veins. He experimented with various ingredients until he was pleased with the results. After using the product he created at home, he decided to turn it into a product that others could enjoy. That is when he developed Angelicare.

Angelicare consists of nutrient-based skin creams and includes a massager to rejuvenate the skin. It provides a painless way to make spider veins disappear in the comfort of one’s home without medical or laser treatment. The 3-step process is said to leave skin feeling smoother and softer.

After Paul fully developed the product on his own, he decided to sell it online. He ran into some difficulties along the way and contacted InventHelp to see if we could be of assistance.
Paul has now been an InventHelp client for more than 14 years. As part of our submission service, we submited his idea to companies and provided additional services under our Inventors with Inventory program. Intromark Incorporated, InventHelp’s sister licensing company, has licensed Angelicare to several companies. Recently, Angelicare was licensed to Raquel Industries, who made the product available for purchase on Amazon.com.

This inventor has made a financial gain with his invention.